About Me

Sonalisa developed a deep bond with music, especially singing, and has won several local singing competitions and has also actively performed on stage shows all over India when she was young. After relocating to Australia five years ago, she has performed in many live shows all over Brisbane and has become a known name in the city's Indian Music community. In December 2019, Sonalisa had also won the Australian Icon Title and competed at 3 International Indian Icon shows in the USA. Sonalisa has also recorded and posted several cover songs online. In December of 2021, Sonalisa performed as a special guest artist at the 20th Anniversary of Baz Lurman's masterpiece "THE MOULIN ROUGE". Currently, Sonalisa is releasing a 5 song music album titled Pyaar Ho Gaya, composed by Viraal Patel and Arya Acharya, both talented people in their field. Sonalisa has recently come out with her own album, called Pyar Ho Gaya as her way of trying to establish her legacy as her songs so that many generations to come can remember her. Sonalisa’s album Pyaar Ho Gaya has an eclectic mix of 5 different genres of music right from the Melancholic Bin Tere to the Peppy dance number Pyaar Ho Gaya. The first Music Video titled Bin Tere from Sonalisa’s album Pyaar Ho Gaya was released on the 5th of February, 2021. Looking forward to the Album’s release, Sonalisa is extremely excited to present it to her fans and music lovers worldwide, she in fact is already working on her next exciting musical project, which mainly focuses on her Hindustani classical roots as she strongly believes that the divine flavour of the Hindustani Classical Music should not be lost in time. She now has started her own Performing Arts Academy called Mokhya Academy to spread her knowledge and expertise. Sonalisa's motivation for this was that the future generations should keep in touch with their culture and shouldn't lose their unique heritage even though they live far from home. She wants to spread the word about performing arts such as Hindustani Vocal and Odissi Classical Dance and more, to make them as much of a household name as western dance and singing styles are